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Some days, keeping on top of everything makes for a challenge. That’s why Logitout is here! Your feature rich Dashboard can help you manage your keys and assets on the go, making your life easier.

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Keep Track of Everything on the Go

Requiring only internet and a mobile device, our cloud-based solution allows you the freedom to access your Dashboard from anywhere, at any time. There is no limit as to where you can utilise Logitout.


A Live Dashboard with Everything Matters at a Glance

Our all-in-one dashboard lets you navigate quickly and easily to find the details you need. Search for property keys, log items in and out, reserve keys and more, all on one screen! Get a snapshot of daily events the moment you log into your Dashboard, including viewing what’s out, what’s reserved and most importantly, what’s overdue.

Say Goodbye to Lost Items with Barcode Tracking

Our customised, barcoded key tags and labels match up perfectly to your numbering system. Scan the barcode, and log the item. It’s that simple! Just plug in your scanner and you’re away, it’s a great way to help speed up the process at your busy front desk. Barcode scanning is economical, accurate and it’s just plain fun!


Use a Mobile as a Barcode Reader

Use any mobile device as a barcode reader to scan keys and assets in or out on the go! They will be automatically synced and updated on your live Dashboard.

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Predict the Future and Know What Items are Reserved in Advance

Let’s face it, we always need to be thinking ahead, so getting keys or items ready for collection is so helpful. If you have a contractor, guest or visitor coming to collect various keys or assets, just reserve them in advance on your Dashboard. Plus, you can even notify all parties in advance with notifications!

Increase Productivity with SMS & Email Alerts

Keep your contractors and team up-to-date with SMS and email notifications on items logged in, logged out and overdue. These notifications give you peace of mind that everyone is in the loop, and you’ll get those keys back on time, every time!


Easily Keep Your Business on Track with Live Reports

Traditional, hand-written logbooks can easily get damaged, lost, be difficult to read or have missing key information. By recording your assets and their movements with the Logitout dashboard, you can maintain full reporting history for each individual asset in an easy to read, easy to understand format. Backed up on our secure cloud-based storage, you can put your mind at ease knowing your records are safe.

Secure and Reliable

Your data and information are safe with us! We make sure that we’re always using the latest and greatest technology.
We are able to provide clients with uncompromising security from trustworthy and reputable market leaders.

The TLS/SSL protocol provides you with privacy and data integrityWhen secured by TLS, connections between a client (you!) and a server (us!) are completely private.

Logitout has secured partnership agreements with AWS (Amazon Web Services) globally. This partnership ensures Logitout is using the best technology in our infrastructure and as AWS expands to improve functionality, Logitout will be able to take advantage of the most up-to-date IT technology.

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