Spring is here!

It’s time to get out of hibernation mode. Spring is the perfect time to get organised and have a fresh start at work, but where do you start? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled 10 tips to help you get motivated.

10 Tips to Organise the Office this Spring

1. Get rid of it!

  • Anything that you’ve saved in case you ‘might need it later’ or ‘might use it one day’….Getrid of it…Logitout_Pet shopIf it’s been untouched for months, chances are… you DON’T need it!
  • Any papers that you decide you don’t need, either shred them and recycle, or create a stack of used paper in an easily accessible location to be reused as scrap paper.
TIP: Shred any unwanted paperwork, old flyers and scrap paper in your shredding machine and bundle up and give to your local pet shop to support those animals that need soft sleeping material.

2. Get your calendar organised

  • Make sure you put in new entries as they come in! Stay on top of your schedule – it makes a huge difference in staying organised and prepared. We don’t want you forgetting that important meeting coming up.
  • Book in those product demo’s you have been putting off.

3. Refresh your office supplies

  • Ensure all your supplies are topped up for the coming months – do you have enough folders? Ink cartridges? Stationery? Don’t get caught out last minute because you’ve run out of important materials.

4. Organise Storage Areas

  • Clean up those filing cabinets, shelves, cupboards and desk drawers. Ensure everything has a place and don’t hesitate to dispose of anything that will never be used – do you really need that old hardened ball of blu-tack that’s been sitting in the supplies cupboard for a year?

5. Declutter

  • Sort through that stack of papers that you’ve left sitting in your ‘in’ tray on your desk for weeks because you haven’t wanted to deal with it. Tackle all of the ‘annoying’ tasks (weall have them!) so you can have a fresh start without difficult issues hanging over your head.

6. Clean up your computer

  • Get rid of any old irrelevant files, run a cleaner to remove any junk, organise your folders
  • Declutter your email inbox, and action anything that comes in as soon as you get it! (Read more ‘On Demand’ article)

7. It’s time to go Digital

  • This is the best time of year to review all your manual processes like keybooks, registers and basically anything you are keeping a log of manually. Why not book in a demo to find out how our Digital system could be just what you need.

8. CPD and Subscriptions

  • We all forget about industry CPD’s or subscriptions, so now is the time to renew, book or sign-up for the relevant courses in your state.

9. Try going paperless

  • Think about it every time you want to print something off – Do you really need a hard copy? Is it just going to end up sitting on your desk or end up in the trash can? Should you really be wasting time and resources when you could just save it in an organised folder on your computer?
  • Reduce the clutter and KEEP it reduced.

10. Make a ‘To-Do’ List

  • Make a list of anything that may need your attention.