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Our Story.

Behind the scenes of Logitout is an experienced team that dedicate their days to customer service and the integrity of our products. We are an amazing and diverse team from across the globe with special skills and unique ideas that consistently shape our company values.

Founder Donna Cooney developed Keylog ‘Tag, Scan & Go’ to address the issue of tracking and monitoring property keys for businesses lending keys to contractors and staff daily. As Keylog grew, extra management modules were added such as assets, vehicles and staff tracking, and a module to record outgoing postage.

The implementation of Keylog across Australia and New Zealand has been tremendous, and now we’re branching into the US and European markets. In light of this growth, it’s become time to build a bigger and better platform that has all of¬†Keylog’s features and more!

Our clients have helped us create a new platform with all the features they need to manage daily business practices more efficiently. Our new platform manages much more than Keylog, so new name was only fitting.

Logitout allows you to easily manage just about anything you need to lend out of your business and more, and this is just the beginning. We are constantly working to partner with many companies directly linked to property management and general CRM systems to help speed up the process of data sharing, giving you the best product you can find.

Our Mission

With so few companies engaging measures to ensure their keys and assets were managed, our founder Donna Cooney set out to show the world how important and easy it is to do. With that mission in mind, Logitout was born! Logitout aims to make your life easier by allowing you to track your keys and assets so that they never mysteriously go missing again.

Our Vision

Logitout’s vision is to see our client’s taking control of the crucial processes so many companies forget about, like looking after their keys and logging postage. No matter what type of business you are, our modules are designed to save you time and money while allowing your team get on with other tasks.

Our Founder & Director.

Donna Cooney is the founding director of Logitout and Keylog, two global cloud-based asset management platforms.

Donna started her career in a corporate accounting environment, before moving on to create her a successful franchised service business for several years in the retail industry catering to thousands of customers annually. Later, Donna entered the world of real estate and obtained her Licence, allowing her to work with major franchises. Eventually, Donna could be found heading up a national corporate property management network. During her tenure Donna identified a need for a specific platform for businesses to manage everyday processes with the click of a button.

In true entrepreneurial style Donna has proven that constant innovation, product integrity and focused customer service in the key to any successful business. She also recognises the value of having staff who love what they do, and are there for her clients day in and day out.

Donna Cooney
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