In any industry it’s important to keep things in order, especially those pesky keys! Dodgy key labels or worn out key tags attached to key sets can reflect on your business. That old saying “Dress for Success” also applies to tools in your business.

Branded Key Tags

Imagine you’re a new startup (or maybe that’s exactly who you are). Your team is small, you have limited assets, you know where everything is. Yet, as the business grows, tracking resources becomes more difficult and increasingly paramount. You had four keys to the office, but one has gone missing. Which deliveryman took the company van out? When’s the intern dropping off the office laptop?

Keys, amongst other assets, need to be labelled and organised. But you can also use them as a powerful brand enhancer for your business at the same time! At Logitout, our primary function is to provide businesses with a clever software tool to manage and keep track of keys and assets borrowed from your business. However, we also provide a service to custom branded key tags with your design.

When done right, branded content gives you the opportunity to tell a story. When business owners design great branded content, they create not only a business tool but an icebreaker. While visually striking business cards can give solid first impressions, you must start the conversation. Instead, branded key tags let the customer come to you. Without forcing the conversation, you now have the chance to introduce who you are organically. Use them as a catalyst to talk to people face-to-face.

Branded key tags allow for a more “always-on” subtle approach. By placing your logo on unassuming items, you keep your brand in the public eye with minimal effort. Traditional offline marketing isn’t dead and this uses a more holistic method to increase your brand awareness.

So, let’s circle back to your growing startup. No one wants to waste time scrambling to find lost or borrowed items from your business. Enter Logitout whose strategic solution lets you tag and track all your keys and assets via the cloud, no matter where you are. Our dashboard provides you with an easy all-in-one stop to find all the details you need. Log in and know exactly where your vehicles, keys, documents, laptops, mobiles and more are.

But Logitout isn’t only a management tool to save you time and effort; it’s another opportunity to bring your brand’s image into the real world. From as little as .60 cents each you can have impressive branded Key Tags with your official logo, barcode and return address details. Put simply, you can have any design and text you want.

It’s all about branding these days, and no doubt you have gone to a lot of trouble to maximise your brand. So, take it all the way and tag up those keys, assets, even tenant keys. These branded key tags are extremely affordable and provide a unified image of your business.