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Car Dealerships

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Motor vehicles for sale, loan or scheduled for maintenance and detailing require time management. The Logitout solution can streamline your processes taking out the risk of mismanagement by delivering to your team immediate cloud hosted company information 24/7.

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Track Keys

Keys are a critical asset for all car dealerships. Logitout can assist you to track these keys, and increase transparency by providing detailed reporting on who is using which keys, and when.

Photos & descriptive notes

Compliance & reporting history

Alerts & notifications

Reserve in Advance

The Logitout asset reserve feature keeps everyone in the loop. Reserve keys and items in advance, allocate a collection time and assign to a team member or customer all in one easy action.

Reserve anything

Set a time allocation

Alerts & notifications

Internal & External Assets

Every car dealership has more assets than just vehicles, including laptops, mobiles, toll tags and more. You need a professional solution that allows you to record and track these items for complete transparency and accountability. Logitout can give you just that.

Attach photos of assets

Include warranty details

Track & manage

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