Contractors for Real Estate

In many businesses (especially real estate), contractors are constantly coming and going, collecting and dropping off keys and other items necessary to do the job required. For example, property managers may lend out dozens of keys a month to contractors to do maintenance work on various properties. With a simple solution such as using the Logitout system in your business, property managers are able to keep a real-time record of which contractor has which set of keys for which property, but do your contractors really understand YOUR policies and procedures when they walk out with a set of your clients’ keys?

To protect your business, it is important that the contractors you hire are fully aware and agree to abide by your company’s policies in relation to how they use the keys and items they borrow.

Manage your contractors

Have your contractors:

  • Been informed of their formal responsibilities when it comes to using keys that are in their possession?
  • Formally agreed to respecting your rules about being at your clients’ properties? And;
  • Confirmed that they understand their responsibility to return the keys at your predetermined date and time?

You can minimise any hassles and uncertainty by making sure every contractor you deal with knows what you expect of them and has read and understood YOUR business’ policies by organising a quick sign-off.

Manage your contractors

Get your contractors on board with your company’s policies by using this contractor agreement, downloadable for FREE here. Alternatively, sign up to Logitout to get a customised contract generated for signing with every key or asset you lend out of the business.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]