We have all heard the metaphor Dress for Success many times in our lives and there is a reason for that, it’s a great motivator to make you feel confident. If you’re from the “old school” ways and you went to a job interview you always dressed up and for that matter any function or event we attend we all seem to make an effort. This can also apply to Tech in business.

Making an Impression.

My take is that if you appear with a good standard of dress or appearance, it shows to others that you care and have confidence. The same reference applies to the type of Tech you are using in your business if it’s outdated or visually poor this can affect mood, procedures, standards, and outcomes but more on this later.

But how is impressive Tech related to Dress success?  Ok so here is a general comparison, just watch your local news station to see a nature activist speaking on a topic and you will notice they wear possibly khaki, earthy casual style clothing to reflect a simpler “back to nature” impression to make a point. You would expect this, but if you saw a lawyer or finance person wearing the same clothes and talking about their cause or business you would not take them seriously. You would naturally say “who is that and what are they wearing?” I don’t trust what they are saying. This comparison can be applied to Tech systems as well. 

Ticking the Boxes with Dress and Tech.

So, are we being judgemental or are we being stereotypical? Well, I guess it’s a matter of opinion but history books will show appearances are very important. This also applies to the Tech you have in your business too, think about it, if your business has out-dated procedures, virtually no Tech, no dress code standard, I think you’re in trouble. Others may argue and say but this is how we have always been or done things and yes possibly it was ok many years ago but certainly not now with every business competing for sales and image in the marketplace.

If you have been involved in hiring people in the last two years I’m sure the candidate possibly asked you what systems do you have in place, what is the dress code (does mufti day exist on Fridays) those sought of questions. Imagine you answering “actually no we don’t really have many systems, we do most everything manually (even managing keys but back to that soon too).  I think any Millennial or GenX would run as they have grown up on Tech.

It’s not all about the Suit is it?

I could really bang on about this but I do understand that not everyone is comfortable in a suit …male or female or comfortable with Tech. It’s just that dressing for success commands respect and leaves an impression and so does having the right Tech in your business. Systems that manage many processes and show that you do mean business.

Here is an example and yes, I am being biased here, you’re a business that lends keys or tools and a Contractor comes to collect something for a period of time, you start writing their details in a book or possibly on a register pad.  You’re asking for their details and maybe you’re not writing fast enough or you cannot hear them properly so you don’t quite finish the entry and say, “that will do”. They walk out the door with the item and there is no real identification noted plus it was all just written loosely in a register. This would give the impression that “she’ll be right mate”.

Days go by and guess what?, the Contractor has not brought the item back or maybe they did but it was not recorded.

Fast forward to a Tech system style of lending, a Contractor walks into your business to collect keys and you hand them over with a bright shiny barcoded branded tag attached and you start logging the details in a dashboard. Within seconds the Contractor gets a notification that they are now in receipt of the item with a return date.  IMPRESSIVE!  

Straight away the Contractor knows you mean business and if you are wearing a suit at the time while scanning out some keys etc, well that’s just scary (just joking), but you can see where I’m going with this, appearances are everything even in Tech world.

It really is time to step up to Dressing for success and Teching (pretty sure this is not a word) to impress. Help your team and the business put on a show and impress clients, contractors and other people with your progressive standards.   

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