It may seem like posting mail is a thing of the past but you’d be oh, so wrong. While “snail mail” is no longer the primary form of communication, until teleportation is invented, sending original copies of documents and physical items will always have to go through the mail. However, whatever mailroom or mailing process you have in place may not be the most efficient or cost-effective. So, what are some strategic solutions you and your business can use to be more productive in the mailroom?

For one, making sure you have the proper equipment and a dedicated area in which to receive and send mail is an important step to streamlining your mail process. Organize a space that houses the proper machinery, paperwork that may need to be filed, recycling and trash bins, incoming and outgoing slots, even individual mailboxes if you deem that appropriate. Label each section clearly so everyone knows what to look for; from packaging materials like boxes and envelopes to what machine is what, no one should have to guess what or where it is.

Speaking of machinery, if you’ve never looked at postage meters (aka franking machines) for your business, you’re missing out on some fundamental savings. Most people may believe that franking machines are only useful for large companies but that isn’t the case. As a small business or start-up, there are discounts available to you when you install a postage meter in your office. But wait — what is a postage meter? It’s “a machine used to stamp an official mark on a letter or parcel to indicate that postage has been paid or does not need to be paid.” Available in many countries, postage meters are regulated by a country’s postal service, traditionally connected by analog networks. This means that when you put your mail through the machine, you get accurate postage, paid for, while still taking advantage of any discounts you may receive. And if the word “analog” brings you back to the early 1990s, postage meters have finally gone digital allowing for faster connections over wireless networks instead.

The ability to centralize your mail in one place also allows you to schedule when you process mail — daily, weekly, monthly, etc. depending on your needs — as well as presort everything before collection or drop off at the post office. (In fact, you might even save money on postage, depending on where you’re located, if you presort!) And while you’re there, this is the place to label your packages and documents for tracking purposes. Asset tracking software like Logitout makes tracking your packages as simple as pasting a barcode on it. Didn’t know we can help with your postage? “You can log incoming and outgoing postage and packages easily giving you accurate information on your business quickly. If your using envelopes or parcels with barcodes you can scan them in to activate the tracking feature on reports to monitor delivery success.” So in simple terms, scan it, log it in, and track when it’s received. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

We talk a lot about productivity in the office and we want you to be more productive in all aspects of your business. “Employing a strategic solution like Logitout can help you out, whether it’s in your mailroom or otherwise.