It happens to the best of us — losing our keys. Even the most organized person has lost their keys more than once. But what if it happens to you in your business? What’s the best way of finding what you’ve lost? We give you a few helpful tips on finding lost items and how to avoid losing them again in the future.


This seems counterintuitive but do yourself a favour and wait. Don’t rush into a panicked search for your keys. In fact, take a few deep breaths and remember, it’s not the end of the world. Start your search when you have an inkling of where you may have lost or left something. It doesn’t help you to aimlessly look for items, it will only add to your anxiety!

Double Check Where It’s Supposed To Be

You checked the table where you normally left your keys but did you check it a second time? It’s not uncommon to overlook something when you’re searching for lost things. How many people do you know have looked in their bag for something, said they couldn’t find it, then later said, “Guess what I found in my bag?!” Don’t be afraid to look in an area twice and around that area too. If you leave your keys on your desk in the office, make sure to check underneath and around the desk, under your laptop bag or papers, and move that office chair out of the way!

Be Systematic

It’s important to be thorough when hunting things down, don’t rummage. Looking for things carefully and with awareness (that means being aware of what you’re picking up and rooting through) will make your search more successful. We know how tempting it is to quickly scour over areas. Instead, divide the search area into sections and investigate thoroughly with intention.

Clean Up

When you’ve looked in all the usual places, now’s the time to clean up. Start putting things in their proper places, throw garbage away — not only will finding things be easier in a cleaner work or home space, but you’ll tidy a cluttered mind in the process.

Retrace Your Steps

This is a step that needs to be reenacted and not only thought back over. Take a few minutes to physically retrace your steps from the last time you remember seeing the keys. When you walked in, did you immediately hang your coat up by the front door or did you walk into the kitchen and set your bag down? At each step, be sure to search around those areas, like in your coat, or on the floor in case your keys fell out of your pocket.

Avoid Losing Keys

Want to avoid losing keys, or frankly anything, again? Get in the habit of setting aside a place in your office or home where you always leave them. We like hanging our keys at home by the front door and leaving our keys in a drawer at the office. Whether it’s a hook by the door, a drawer in a file cabinet, or a bowl on the table, commit to this habit and finding your keys will be a breeze.

For your business, we can take it one step further! Smartify your business by tracking your keys and assets in real-time via the cloud by using Logitout! Use a simple key tag with a customized barcode and your contact info, and you can use your device to see who’s got what. You’ll never fear losing your keys again.

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