Key Register for Councils.

Local Government Councils manage many facilities, buildings and venue sites throughout their community on a daily basis with enormous amounts of Keys and other access items to track. Our research shows that this type of tracking is done with key register books or excel sheets and this can lead to many issues from history to contact tracing.

The Logitout solution can streamline all your processes that require tracking of assets such as keys, operational equipment, vehicles and more helping to minimize risk and increase compliance by using our simple cloud based technology.

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Council and Local Government Industries

We have many features all designed to help your team keep track of any items lent either internally or externally. Help your maintenance companies and casual borrowers understand that if they have to borrow keys to gain access to a specific facility, then this detail has to be tracked and you need full contact details. Implementing our software will improve and maintain control over your valuable asset data and minimise the time consuming tasks of follow up.

Our Australian owned software is designed with several modules that can suit any facility or council.


  • Inbuilt alert messages direct from the platform to managers and borrowers
  • Easy to use, visually stunning interface
  • Economical to implement
  • Manage Keys, Assets, Vehicles, Documents, Postage/packages
  • Barcoded Branded Key Tags for labelling
  • Australian support and infrastructure
  • We handle all the set-up process and online training with your team/li>
  • Free trials welcome
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Reservation-Feature on the Logitout Dashboard

Reserve keys & other items in advance

The Logitout reserve feature keeps everyone in the loop. If you know in advance who might need to borrow an item you can create that task with the dashboard days or hours prior and a special notification will go out to the person, this process will save everyone time. In these times of Covid having access to a reservation feature helps keep people in the loop ensuring greater efficiency and service to your team and external borrowers.


  • Schedule a time and date allocation
  • Alerts & notifications straight from the system
  • Full event reporting

Internal and External Assets and Keys

We offer an easy to use professional asset management solution to record and track these items for complete accountability. We also function as an inventory solution allowing you to really see what you need to digitally control.


  • Attach photos of assets or keys
  • Allocate specific item codes to suit your facility
  • Track & manage
  • Guides and resources available
  • Own your data with Excel downloads
  • Unlimited users

Let us help you get your Council systems compliant with our easy cloud based dashboard.

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