Well, you did it – you’ve started up a business and it’s thriving! Relish in your victory but know that this is not the time to rest on your laurels. As your business grows, so do your assets and what started out as a manageable amount of assets has now grown out of hand. You can’t find keys, someone has the office tablet and you don’t know when the delivery van is coming back. It’s a mess, so how do you solve it?

When we created Logitout, we knew we wanted to make the lives of business owners easier. That’s why we pride ourselves on being an all-in-one solution for all your tracking needs. Whether your assets include keys, cars, documents, all three or even more, our dashboard lets you remotely track them all in real time.Sign in and get a snapshot of the day – what’s out, what’s coming in, reserved items and most importantly, what’s overdue.

We’re not just for the already growing business though, we’re also here for those “fresh out the gate” start-ups. Don’t you think it’s better to implement good practice from the get-go rather than later on? That’s where using the best management tools in the business can get you far. You need a system that’s not only reliable, but scalable, too. What does that mean for you? It means, in plain terms, don’t use old systems and software that can’t grow with you or enable you to grow.

Expanding doesn’t always mean taking on new, full-time employees. In fact, remote workers and telecommunication are no longer just the work of the future, they look like they are here to stay. They keep employee turnover, real estate costs and overhead down while boosting employee morale and productivity.But with employees out of office, tracking things like office laptops and phones takes on a new level of importance.

Enter Logitout, a system that allows you to tag assets with a customized barcode. From there, use your device to highlight, monitor and track them right from the cloud. With the barcode system, it’s easy to add assets as you grow. When your employee logs out an item, get updated in seconds. If something’s late coming back, send a friendly reminder with SMS and email notifications. Auto-confirm when items do come back with our photos feature. How? Verify each asset by uploading photos right into the platform. What if you need something and it’s currently out? Don’t worry, reserving items just got easier. Allocate them in advance via the dashboard plus you can even notify all parties in advance with notifications.

Logitout looks to smartify your business further by taking your recorded logbooks and bringing them into the cloud. Traditional logbooks run the risk of having incorrect information, getting damaged, or even lost. By moving everything online, important information is backed up, it’s easy to read and easy to find. Not to mention, accurate.

As a business tool, our system helps you save money, time and get more done. We’ll do the heavy-lifting, you get on with the rest of your day. Request a live demo today and don’t look back!