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Streamlining business processes will save you time and money, whether you are dealing with keys or keeping check on vehicles, you need software that manages your data.

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Keys can be the headache of every business, they are the forgotten piece of general business processes and when a set goes missing it can be crippling. Logitout has an efficient and quick way to manage those keys in an easy-to-use cloud-based dashboard. 

The Logitout dashboard records, syncs and maintains records about the borrower status and due date for keys lent out of the business. You can even reserve them in advance, attach alerts and notifications to managers and borrowers keeping everyone in the loop.

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When new staff begins a contract they are given tools of the trade. Keeping a register of these items is paramount as sometimes the assets can be given out for long periods of time. Or perhaps you have special contractors that you assign assets to for short periods. No matter what the asset is, keeping a digital register will help keep your business processes up to date.

Our barcode system allows you to quickly log items out to staff or contractors. The Asset module also lets you record warranty details, notes, photo and reference details. Together with a reporting system provides a history of the movements of those assets at any time making it perfect for insurance purposes should an asset be damaged or lost.

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If you’re sending documents to clients or staff that need to be returned within a designated period with signatures, then our Documents module can help you keep control.

This module allows users to generate a custom cover page with barcode or store a document for later use. You can quickly create a return date with instructions for the recipient. Once the document is returned it is simply logged back into the dashboard and the sender is informed. If the document is back late, the recipient and sender can receive overdue alerts.

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Keeping track of vehicles in your business can be vital to productivity. If your company is managing fleet, rentals, demonstration or even community cars, then this module will help you keep control.

Assign a barcode to the car keys. You can add details such as warranty, photo and much more. Each time a vehicle is borrowed you can record the details within seconds. It will appear in the Logitout Dashboard for viewing, plus full history reporting.


Postage is an important element of your business and being able to keep a log is key to keeping your processes in check. 

You can log incoming and outgoing postage and packages easily giving you accurate information on your business quickly. If your’re using envelopes or parcels with barcodes you can scan them in to activate the tracking feature on reports to monitor delivery success.

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