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The Real Estate Industry is possibly the biggest collaborative industry in the world for managing keys, swipes, remotes and more. No matter the size of the business, there is a compliance around managing these items for the Agencies’ internal and external vendors. Reducing risk around managing and tracking keys daily is paramount, clients expect their property keys to be secure and with accountability and history should an issue arise.

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Digital Accuracy

Still using the traditional handwritten method or using an excel spreadsheet to record keys being lent out of your business? This tends to be unreliable, details can be missed, handwritten ledgers can be damaged or lost, it takes up too much time and it’s downright annoying! Keep track of everything properly with Logitout’s simple solution; Forget wasting time scribbling down details in a messy handwritten ledger – simply log into your dashboard and scan a barcode. Keep accurate and safe records on any keys being borrowed from your business every day, whether it be to staff, clients or contractors.

Live Dashboard

Cloud Secure

24/7 Access



Logitout’s SMS and Email notifications ensure that borrowers know when the keys or in-fact any items that were borrowed are due back. Just about everyone has access to SMS or emails instantly these days so why not utilise this revolution to help people and other businesses realise their obligations to return items on time, every time. Keep everyone in the loop instantly.

Confirmation messages

Overdue Alerts

End of day summary


Ever experienced having a contractor, client or co-worker come to pick up a set of keys and realised that someone else still had them? Ensure this never happens again by reserving keys in advance. The reserve feature keeps everyone in the loop. Reserving items in advance also saving the Contractors time by allowing them to plan their day around collecting keys and more. As soon as a reservation is organised a message is sent to the person around the collection details.

Time efficiency

Organise contractors in advance

Instant alerts and updates

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