Are you a freshly-minted business owner? Or perhaps you’re in year two or three of your business? Then you know that keeping track of your assets is a struggle as you grow and expand. Keys to your office, keys to the delivery van, keys to the filing cabinet, the amount of keys we can amass is staggering. So what happens if we lose our precious keyring?

While losing keys can’t truly be avoided (though it’s definitely worth a try!), getting them back can be an easy endeavor. It’s likely you’ve made copies for your office, not only because it’s sound practice to do but because you have more than one employee who needs them. But if you’re ever gotten keys cut for high-security locks or a copy of a key fob, you’ll know that those costs can run high. With the development of new digital marketing tools like Logitout, there are cheaper alternatives to replacing costly keys.

Are you surprised we call ourselves a digital marketing tool? You shouldn’t be and we’ll get to that in a moment. How can becoming a digital business through Logitout make asset tracking easier? Start tagging your belongings with our unique barcoded Key Tags and labels. Each barcode and label is registered and matched to your own number system making it simple to view who has what and when it’s due back. When items are misplaced or lost, each barcode has your contact information for anyone who picks them up. You might ask why we don’t allow for real-time GPS tracking and that’s a great question. For one, GPS tracking devices are even more costly than replacing a set of keys which defeats the purpose of a cost-effective asset management tool. Second, GPS tracking can be great but isn’t always accurate for a variety of different reasons. If you’ve ever used your phone to navigate your way around a city, you’ll know they don’t always pinpoint your location with accuracy.

Logitout allows you to see where things are and with whom from a remote location with the use of an easy-to-read dashboard. This gives you peace of mind while putting the responsibility of assets on you or your employees.

So how does it work? Barcodes are pre-loaded meaning they’re already set in your system. Whether you’re printing labels or you’ve got key tags for your keys, they’re ready to go. Scan them in with a scanner or scanning app on your phone, choose a return date and contractor, click log out and voila! You’re done. The moment they’re scanned, information is logged in the cloud and your team is updated in seconds.

How is this a good marketing tool? We’re a great strategic solution for tracking keys and other assets but the barcode you place on your belongings is what makes us a unique marketing tool and icebreaker. Each barcode and key tag contains your contact info and logo, keeping your business in the public eye.

As you can see, Logitout is the perfect solution to smartify your digital business. We’re easy to implement, can grow with you, and always ready to speak with you.