Did you know that over 50% of companies already have a Digital Asset Management system world-wide in place? Digital software is the new standard for every industry, whether it be real estate, facility management, education or just general businesses.

However, this statistic shows that many companies still haven’t embraced software when it comes to their key management system. This means their keys are being poorly monitored because, without a digital key tracker method, there’s really no way to be sure when, where, and by who your keys are being used.

Logitout is your all-in-one business solution to scan and track your business’ keys and assets in real-time. It’s interactive, it’s instant, it’s secure, and most of all: it’s sexy.

You’ll Love Using Logitout

We put a lot of emphasis on user experience and interface design. That’s because we know that digital software can take your manual asset tracking system and turn it into something far more efficient. Along with the improve efficiency, we think software should maximize the potential it has to make your systems easier on the eyes and more enjoyable to use.

Our attractive dashboards are intuitive, putting all the information you need right in front of you. As soon as you get setup with Logitout, we guarantee you’ll be fully on-board with your new digital system thanks to its simplicity, features, and added security. We make our key tracking software fun to use. 

What We Offer

Logitout will out-perform your book-based asset tracking any day of the week. Not only is it partially automated and so much more powerful thanks to the digital integration, it’ll also give you added features that the old ‘lock-and-key-and-book’ method simply couldn’t provide.

  • Cloud-Based Solution: If you have a mobile device and an internet connection, you’ll be able to use our cloud-based solution to access your dashboard from anywhere.
  • Branded Key Tags: You can load all of your keys and assets into your dashboard using customized barcode key tags and labels that match your company’s number system. It’s economical, accurate, and just plain fun.
  • Mobile Barcode Reader: Any mobile device can be used as a barcode reader to scan in/out any key or asset while on-the-go. As workers scan, your dashboard will automatically update.

All of this bundled into a live dashboard that puts everything that matters to your company at a glance. The all-in-one dashboard allows you to navigate quickly and easily locate all the details you need to know.

You can search for and log items in and out while also getting a snapshot of the daily events with just a couple clicks. Your snapshot will show you what’s checked in, what’s reserved, and most importantly: what’s overdue to be returned. 

You can even use SMS and email alerts to increase your productivity and keep your entire team up-to-date with your company’s schedules and deadlines.

Digitize Your Business

Join the ranks of the thousands of companies who have taken their asset management online and into the digital world. Enjoy peace of mind, added security, and an asset management system that’s easy and fun to use.