WARNING: This article contains mild nagging, hard truths and embarrassing scenarios.

Believe me, I get it. When you’re in business there are so many programs you must have to make everything tick over. But why do you choose to skimp when it comes to managing your keys and assets?

My take? I think it’s because nobody really understands the importance of tracking keys and other things that leave your office or workplace. It’s only the front office person who bears the brunt of issues like overdue or missing keys, and they are always left to solve these issues for everyone else.


Well, no more I say! Here’s a quick 10 point snapshot of what could be happening in your business.

  1. Your keys are tagged badly if at all.
  2. Your tags aren’t branded (what happens if your keys get lost)!
  3. There are duplicate codes in your key book system.
  4. There aren’t any photos of your keys.
  5. Your keys are borrowed without anyone knowing.
  6. Your keys don’t have a secure hook or destination area.
  7. No-one checks if keys are returned.
  8. You catch yourself thinking ‘I wonder who has that keyset?’…
  9. Can you imagine what would happen if there was a fire? This happened to a client of ours recently
  10. You have no notes about what the keys are for.

Okay, I think you’re getting the picture now, and it’s a scary picture! Imagine if you could attach a GoPro to just one set of keys to see what happens when they are lent out…
By now you’re probably thinking it could be a good idea, but surely it’s too expensive to implemental a digital system! I say that if you’re asking that then you are still not buying into the issue of tracking these items seriously. But guess what? It’s ridiculously cheap. So cheap it’s embarrassing! It’s cheaper than your mobile plan, cheaper than your lunches for the month, cheaper than buying milk for a month… need I go on?


Can you even put a price on compliance and peace of mind?
Here is a classic example that I hear day in and day out. There’s an issue at a property or site, so a specialist contractor comes to collect the keys. But guess what? The keys are missing. He can’t get into the property, so you need to call a locksmith. BINGO! There’s at least $100 spent in a call out fee. And this is just one example. What if a vendor comes to collect the keys they have entrusted to you, but when you go to collect them, they’re missing. You have no records or history of where they might be, and now your red-faced front desk person is being told off. You can see how this can all escalate badly.

But, for the sake of around $1.50 a day depending on the size of your company, you could have had peace of mind and fluid compliance, as well as looking amazing to anyone borrowing those keys.
For us, it all starts with a key and asset system that you can build upon. Keys are the bane of every business, but it doesn’t have to be that way! If I had a dollar for every person I spoke to that mentioned they struggled managing keys or that they needed an asset register… Well, I can tell you that I wouldn’t be writing this article, I would be in Paris eating brie on baguettes.
So where do you start? To the normal worker-bee it may seem hard, but trust me, it’s not. At Logitout we have brainiacs here just waiting for your curly questions… Nothing is too hard for us and we will be honest with you by always suggesting easier ways for you to do things. We also do all the hard work for you. Looking at your data, visualising any issues, testing your key and asset management system, looking for duplicates and so on. You want us to do that, you need us to do that. We set everything up, and then all you do is start managing, delegating to Logitout in a heartbeat.
The history, oh the history. Within seconds you can see everything that has happened in the Dashboard. Who borrowed what? When did it come back? Did it ever come back? If you read our blog last month, I banged on about branded key tags, and this all ties your compliance together.


By now you have read enough, and I hope that you are ready to commit because we are here waiting for you to join us! Book in for a demo with Donna, she will whip you into shape and guide you to whether you’re ready for the system or not. Our business is key and asset management and we can pretty much tell you straight away whether you need it just by a couple of questions.

So, take the plunge with us! You have nothing to lose but keys… Get it? LOST KEYS! 😊