Barcodes have been around since the early to mid-1900s, and for good reason. They’re a great way of identifying both unique items and non-unique items. What do we mean by that? With a simple barcode, you can track something as small as your keys, as big as a car, and all the stock a warehouse can hold.

Here at Logitout, our whole concept revolves around barcodes; we know how much easier life can be and we’re resolved to convince you of it too. Here are a few reasons why we believe you should choose barcode scanning.

Easy to Use & Implement

No need for fancy machinery, a printer and a smartphone can get you on your way. Simply print off your barcodes as you need them and use your smartphone to scan. Can it get any easier than that?

For start-ups and growing companies, strategic solutions like this can grow with you too. Choosing a company that specializes in barcode scanning from the start can make any asset management a piece of cake. Not only do they provide higher quality key tags for your assets, they supply software and/or apps to track items in real-time as well as collect and save data. What kind of data? All sorts! You can gather information like the condition of your asset, who currently has it, its location, and more from the palm of your hand.


By choosing to use barcodes, asset tracking and inventory management can be more efficient and cost-effective. We put our own system to the test – a set of keys can take 120 seconds to manually input into a ledger versus 30 seconds with Logitout’s app (stay tuned for our blog post on just that!). You can’t argue with stats like that. The time you save on using something as simple as barcodes equates to money back in your pocket. Business owners can also save money as barcodes can help eliminate human error. You’re less likely to misplace items as you can track items in real-time and it allows you and your employees a chance to make better business decisions.

Plus, as mentioned before, you don’t need fancy barcode scanners and machinery to get started. Chances are you already own a printer and a smartphone so it looks like you’re set!

Chance to Brand

Barcode scanning can make data compilation a breeze but with key tags, they’re a great way to brand your business outside the box. We wrote a whole blog post on how our customizable barcodes can add an extra dimension to your marketing strategy. They’re perfect for keeping your logo and brand in the public eye while not being aggressive and an excellent icebreaker.

With reasons like these, businesses should be all over barcodes. A top-notch barcode scanning system can make your business run more smoothly and efficiently while saving you money and time. Frankly, we could talk at length about the pros of barcodes but with these top three reasons, we’re sure you’re ready to switch to the best.