If you’re a one-man or -woman show getting your startup off the ground, it’s likely that asset tracking isn’t high on your priority list. It may not even be something you’ve thought about. However, in an ideal world, you want your business to grow, and it likely will. But whether you stay small or go big, your company is comprised of more than just four walls and staff.

Every business has assets, and assets are valuable. From large, expensive items like cars and computers to small pieces such as keys and contracts, one person alone can’t keep tabs on them. This is where a good business tool comes into play. In the olden days, asset management was a big, old ledger where you wrote your name, the item, when you signed it out, when you signed it back in, etc. In today’s business landscape, that’s a big waste of energy and time, and time is money. Spreadsheet applications took the place of ledgers, but even that is now considered old tech. In both situations, you’re creating a system that requires time, energy and a lot of effort.

The question remains, though: why do you need asset tracking?

Any time you have multiple, moving items in a company, it will require management. If you need keys to the showroom on Monday, but Becky from Marketing left them at home because she didn’t know, that’s a problem. When the contract you mailed out for a signature hasn’t turned up in the middle of business negotiations, that’s a problem. Those day-to-day issues alone should have you jumping at the chance to avoid them. Asset tracking gives you real-time information on all the moving parts of your company — keys, cars, phones, mail. If you can tag it, you can track it. And you should, because at the end of the day, asset tracking gives you and your employees the accountability and control you need to keep your business running smoothly.

It sounds like a lot to put in place, doesn’t it? It may even sound costly. But it doesn’t have to be. Logitout’s all-in-one business tool gives you free rein to scan and track all your assets with a simple barcode and scanner, i.e. a printer and your phone. The modern world has been using barcodes since the 1970s, and it’s not likely to go away anytime soon. Why? It’s cheap, easy to use, easy to implement, and can grow at the pace of your business.

Asset management is, at its core, a strategic solution for your business. It’s rare to meet a business owner who doesn’t want to spend less on administrative duties, keep employees accountable, increase efficiency and productivity, and scale their business for growth. Any business tool that can impact your business like that is worth its weight in gold.

As an owner or manager, you need an accurate picture of where your assets are at any given time. A business tool like Logitout was built and imagined for just that. Our aim is to make your life simpler. Wouldn’t you rather be spending time on money-making tasks rather than administrative duties that costs more than it’s worth? No matter what industry you’re in, a strategic solution that’s right for you is a free trial away.